About us


Adoree’s story

At the beginning, my wish was to find a classic white shirt that has a perfect cut, is made from quality material, does not wrinkle, is easy to care for, does not fade and holds shape. If you’re a man, it is not that hard, but as a woman, I was not able to find such piece, which led me to creating my brand, Adoree. 
Since I was not the only one looking for the perfect white shirt, I decided to make a change in the fashion industry. It took Adoree 8 months to bring you perfect white shirts and elegant accessories. Right now, in our shop you can find 10 base models in different variations, with many more to come in the future. The material is carefully picked in Italian factories, that are considered top in Europe. I hand pick all the buttons and details, that make the piece whole. All of our products are sewn by hand and made with love. Our summer designs were all painted by me, taking inspiration from Italian culture.